Gearhart Chevrolet - 2 weeks waiting for trans rebuild, now leaking all over driveway

Not resolved

At about 40,000 miles my 2009 Chevy Silverado's transmission went.Luckily it was under warranty so I brought it back to Gearhart Chevy.

I informed Gary in the service department that I would need a rental TRUCK as that is what I use for work. Instead, I got a car, a Chevy Cruze. He told me they could not get me a truck. I did however get a GMC Canyon a week or so later since I was so persistent about it with phone calls...still not a full size truck, but whatever.

I called a few times checking up on my truck's progress. I was told many times oh it should be done by this day but never was. I waited 2 weeks for my truck to get repaired. I did not get a phone call back to say my truck was finished, I called Gary and he just said Oh yeah, it's all ready.

I told Gary I would be there around 3pm and when I showed up I had to wait almost an hour to be written up and on my way. I do have to say that I also got an oil change at this same time which I inquired if it would be free since I waited so long, Gary did make that happen, that was probably the only positive from my experience...but I still had to ask for it as that was not offered to me. After having the truck back for over a week, the transmission is now leaking all over my driveway. I just called Gary today to let him know of this and he told me to bring it right in.

I told him that I will no longer be bringing my truck back to Gearhart Chevrolet for repairs since they obviously do not know how to transmission work and who knows what else would go wrong.

Overall, terrible experience...I really wish I never bought this truck from Gearhart Chevrolet.I guess live and learn.

Review about: Service Department.

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